Datalife Diag reports Sata as IDE

I have run the Datalife Diag software on each of my 1TB Green Drives, I have 8 of them, 1 already fails all test and will be returned for warranty. Another is waiting to be tested and at present 6 are running tests and will be finished in about 2-3 hours.

One of those 1TB Green drive is being displayed in the Diag software as IDE while the rest are showing as SATA. They are all plugged into the Intel ICH10R controller (configured in Bios as AHCI).

Is there a reason it shows as IDE ?. After these tests I will swap around some of the HDDs and see if it that sata port causing it to display as IDE or if the Drive itself has an issue.

One thing I notice is that drive is out performing the other drives in the Extended Test speed, by the time it finishes the test it will be about 1 hour faster then all the other 1TB Green drives (all EARS models). My HDD monitor is showing the drive reading at over 110mb/sec, while the others are between 80 and 100mb/sec.

The model name is WD10EARS-00MVWB0 , the other EARS models have 6 digits after the dash in the model name, this one has 8 digits.

Drive tests finished, so swaped around cables, the drive showing as IDE follows to the new port its plugged into, I have another drive plugged into the port the other one was in and it shows as Sata. So not a mobo issue, it’s a hdd issue.

The firmware is the same as the other models plugged in. So at the moment I am guessing what the reason is.

I have the same problem:

I have two WD10EARD SATA drives. One turned bad. I replaced my defective WD10EARD-00… by a WD10EARS-00MVWB0.

The WinDLG tool used to show both (original) drives as SATA drives. AFter replacing the defective one, the replaced one is shown as IDE.

I checked the BIOS and there both drives are shown as SATA.

What can be the problem? Or is this some kind of bug in the tool?