Data volume not there


This is the problem I am facing…The shares i set up in My Cloud device is visible in the dashboard but when I try to connect it from my mac finder - its giving Mount failed error.

Doing some research, one of them suggested me to SSH and see if the data volume is there which I did and much to my disappointment, it was not there. The only solution given was to do a Full restore from the dashboard. But if I do that all my data will be gone (as per WD website).

Help please…

Hello p.ravishankar,

I would suggest you to contact WD support so that they can assist you in a better way.

Refer the link provided below for contact details :-

What generation mycloud is this?

Also if the shares are visible via the dashboard, the data volume is clearly mounted, so I am confused. How did you determine it was not?


@Neo33 - thanks for sharing the page but the phone lines are always busy and I couldnt speak to them.

@Wierd_w - I think mine is gen 2. When i SSH into the box and list out the directories, i could not see the data volume listed there. And WD recommendation is to do full restore from the dashboard but I will loose all my data :frowning:

Data volume gets mounted at /mnt/HD/HD_a2 on gen2.

do [mount] with no options. See if it lists /dev/sda2 being mounted.

then get the output of

dmesg |grep sda2

Perhaps we can find out WHY it is not mounted first?