Data volume failed to mount

Need help Smiley Sad

My Book 2TB HDD is detected and I can see the folder named PUBLIC in which all my data is stored - for some reasons now I am getting an error ‘Data volume failed to mount’ in the dashboard and I can see a RED light on the HDD.

  1. I read various forums and found some steps to mount the data. Those steps did not work - I have installed PUTTY and able to login to the drive, however, the steps are different like - I dont find SDA4 as mentioned in most of the steps. I am not a technical person to understand and tweak.
  2. I am able to create another PUBLIC folder using the dashboard.
  3. Self Test passed.
  4. Currently it shows 0TB/0TB - I am assuming thats because of no data mounted.
  5. Unable to update the firmware - getting an error that there is no space ‘31102 - Device does not have enough space for upgrade’

Please help - I know the data is there on the HDD - with some technical know-how it can be retrieved. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, welcome to the community.

It is unfortunate that you are unable to get the information out of the drive. Have you tried performing a system only factory restore?

Not yet - factory restore will erase the data as mentioned. :frowning:

A system only factory restore will not delete the information on the unit, as the name says it is only the OS on the drive itself no the Data on the unit.

Unfortunetly I have only two restore options ‘Quick Factory Restore’ and ’ Full Factory Restore’. The ‘Quick Factory Restore’ options states that the data will be erased and the HDD will be brought back to factory settings. The data can be recovered using third party software. This is making me nervous to use a Quick restore, hence looking for an option to access the data first.