Data Transfer Speed


I’m trying to backup 300Gb of data on an XP machine using Smart Ware. It ran for about 13 hrs yesterday and only backed up 70Gb.  I needed to turn the machine off so I disabled the backup (couldn’t see a pause/suspend option) . This morning I switched on the machine to find that the My Cloud drive was not being recognised. This is the same on my other machine (Win 7). I re-started the MyCloud and it came back up.

I’m not sure why the My Cloud went off line but I’m assuming it possibly had something to do with the backup.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions please regarding:

a, how to speed up the data transfer?

b, why the My Cloud went off line - I need it to work reliably?

Any help would be appreciated,



Thanks. I’ve seen the complaints on the forum as you mentioned. They are a bit worrying.

For me it may have just been the backup process I was doing so I’ll see how it goes for a while before I make a decision about returning it.

I hope you get yours sorted out soon.

It sounds like a router issue. I would try connecting the drive directly to your computer via ethernet and repeat the copy with a single large file (tons of small files takes longer) and compare the speeds. If it remains slow, it’s your ethernet card or desktop computer. Otherwise it’s the router. The MyCloud has gigabit ethernet so I’m easily able to transfer around 120GB in an hour 

How are you connected to transfer your data, Ethernet cable or wifi?


You should have tried unplugging the power to your router first, waiting several seconds and then plugging it back in to see if the My Cloud would be recognized.




Thanks for responding.

I’m afraid I dont have much previous experience with these devices.

Could you send a link or explain how to get the smart values please? I’ve had a quick look and cant see any instructuions how to find these values.

It’s disconnected again now.



Thanks for your suggestion.

The PC and My Cloud are connected to the router via ethernet cable. It’s quite an old machine (about 6-7 yrs) so it could just be a slow network card.

My priority for now is to get the My Cloud running properly.

When I finish work later I might try connecting the My Cloud directly to the PC and see if it affects the speed or relaibility. The router is fairly new but it would be interesting to see what happens if you take it out of the equation.


Thanks for the suggestion to bypass the router. I’m going to give it a try.

Also I did try to backup all 300Gb in one hit so it could be the machine struggling.

I am on a Mac, but have the same slow transfer issues with a 3TB drive.  Talked to customer service and they suggested a direct connect, but the computer did not recognize the drive.  

Internet access through the router appears to be fine and speeds are what I would expect from ATT Uverse.

Any suggestions / recommendations would be appreciated.