Data security on returned drive

I’m returning an external drive for replacement, it will not power-up.  Any suggestions on how to deal with my data on the drive? Is WD trustworthy in regards to destroying the unit or otherwise ensuring data on the drive can’t get out?  The drive has been use for more than two years so I’m hoping it can’t be sold as a refurb. 


Contact  WD in regard to this issue, they have a sensitive data procedure that allows you to keep the defective drive if contains sensitive information. However they have some requirements for this process.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thanks, but I’ve asked that and was told I have to return the drive.  I offered to remove it from the case to destroy it myself but I’m told that will only void the warranty.

I wouldn’t worry about it.  We process returned drives in such a way that they get taken apart and the internal drives are stuck in a machine that both checks them for condition as well as wipes them completely clean at the same time.  There are no computers available in the warehouse where this is done for anyone to “try to look at any data.”  I’ve seen the warehouses and this stuff tightly controlled.