Data restore


How to restore data after ‘fast settings reset’?


Don’t know what you mean by “Fast Settings Reset,” but if you’ve poked the reset button, then there should be no need to restore any data, as the documentation says that your data won’t be erased.   That reset only resets the network configuration and password.

If you did ANY of the FACTORY RESTORE options, then your data is GONE.  

Yes, i mean ‘Quick Factory Restore’

The warning text about contnent  erasing was rather small…

But there is another text: “Content can be recovered using data recovery software”

Wow.   I had never noticed that before.

I have no idea what that would be in reference to…  There’s no mention of that in the manual.   Hmmm.

it is external software apparently

If you do a quick factory restore then it is possible to remove the disc from the MBL’s case, attach it to a computer and with the right software recover the majority of the data.  Fill a full factory restore everything is zeroed and nothing is recoverable.

As everyone’s noticed, the MyBook Live’s case is designed to snap shut easily but you can’t open the housing without breaking some piece of plastic.

There is a Debian OS, as I understand . May be I can use Terminal remotly to recover data?

Anyway thank you, guys!