Data Recovery

OK - Here you go  - I have a WD 1T My Passport external drive - Other than the USB Micro being a little bit lose the drive worked perfect. Until, yes you guessed it I knocked it off my desk and it fell about a foot and a half.   Now, it will not mount onto my desktop - when it spins in it clicks a little bit with a steady light and then it goes to a flashing light.  Any thoughts on a fix other than $300 to $800 for a data recovery service?

Any suggestions…

Besides taking it to a professional, you can see if the partition shows on Disk Utility

if it does, you can use a recovery software

I’d doubt you can get it fixed for less than $800. $300 is what most data recovery companies charge for undelete work. Not physical recovery on a dropped drive. $1500 would be more like it