DATA RECOVERY ON A 1TB WD GREEN (WD10EARX) Windows 10 cant find the drive


Was using this drive for about 2 years as my primary storage drive with a 120SSD being my C drive running windows 7. Upgraded to WIN10 around a month ago and last week this drive failed was editing a picture file on the drive and it simply froze ( trouble shooting revealed it was not showing up in the BIOS or Explorer). Had all but the last month backed up but still would like the last months worth of data if possible. Had the local computer store (not Best Buy or the like) attempt data recovery which failed. I purchased a sata to usb connector and tried to use EASEUS software. When I plug the USB in windows still cannot find the drive. Was wondering if WD has a data recovery tool or something that will allow windows 10 to at least read/recognize the drive is there. Unless Windows can find the drive the recovery software is useless.



Hello, unfortunately WD does not have data recovery tools nor provide data recovery, however they do have data recovery partners that you can contact and see if they can help.

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