Data Recovery of "Beeping" My Passport

My Passport is “beeping” when plugged into my USB port and it is not detected by my computer. I can see the My Passport 0740 under my Device Manager, but cannot access it. The Properties will even show up.

I have not dropped, bumped, or otherwise stressed the Passport. I carry it in a protective case, in a padded backpack. I tried all my USB Port and a second computer, so it’s not my computer. I waited 10-hours to give it time to cool off, but that did not work. I do not keep it plugged in for extended periods of time.

All I want to do at this point is retrieve some files that I have backed-up in a while. I tried Minitool Power Data Recovery, but it did not work.

Any advice?

software simply wont help this issue.

Beeping means motor is stuck. Most likely dude to heads parking on the platters.

Look at it like brakes on the car. If your foot is still on brake pedal after coming to full stop, your car wont move even if your car is in D (drive). Any data recovery company can assist you with this problem, but this is not something that I would recommend you try on your own. It is very easy to damage those heads while breaking them free.

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