Data recovery from defect WD 2TB Green

I was trying to copy some data into a rar archive on my hdd and all of a sudden the copying didn’t respond and since then my hard drive has been running really slow. I’ve been able to back up 90% of my data, but the other 10% come up with “Can’t read from source file or disk”. Most of it wasn’t important so I just deleted them, but my rar archive is very important.

I’ve been able to save around 250mb from the 1GB archive but comes up with the same error at that point.

My question is, if there’s a program or a way that would be able to save as much as possible from this archive or is that all I’m going to get?

Bad Block Copy for Windows:

“Copies data from file or raw harddisk ignoring Bad Blocks. If target file doesn’t exist, instead of unread blocks ZEROs are written.”

You can also “fill unreadable parts with ‘** BAD BLOCK ***’”.

Recuvahas work for me in the past.

Recuva doesn’t handle bad sectors very well. Recovering an archive file with bad sectors may not benefit even by simply skipping bad sectors, and the file may still be corrupt in the end. If that archive is very important, try to find local shop that has DDI or Data Extractor as part of their tool set. 3dr (Like photorec, recuva, ect…) phase tools should only be used on drive’s images not originals. Original drives with important data can get further damage if bad sectors caused by physical scratches on platters, and you may never see the files again.