Data Recovery for 3tb MBL

I’ve been having a few problems with my MBL recently. It’s got to the point now where there is just a solid yellow light on the front and i cannot access the drive at all. 
I have spoken to the customer services and they have said it is still under warrenty and can be replaced. Im just worried about losing everything on it now. The customer services representative said I need to check the drive is still working, if so they will send me another drive out to copy the files over, then they willl ensure this is on the new MBL they send out. He said i have permission to open the device and remove the drive without voiding warrenty. 

However this is where im stuck, He said something about running linux to check the drive? Can someone explain how i would go about this? Do i need any specific cables to check the drive once i managed this?

Im currently running OSX Yosemite on a mid 2010 macbook pro if that helps. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Create a bootable Linux OS on a USB stick.  Google it for more info.  Boot your Mac from the USB into Linux.  Buy a SATA to USB adapter. Remove the HD from the MBL.  Attach HD to adapter and attach via USB to your computer booted up in Linux.   From Linux you can see if you can access the HD and if the data is there.  If all is ok, then you should take the next logical step and do a Debrick.  There are guides on this forum about how to debrick - search for them.  The debrick process will NOT lose your data.  After debrick, put HD back in enclosure and start it up. If still nothing, then the problem is not the HD, but the hardware of the enclosure.  Then you can talk to WD and perhaps they will send you a new enclosure.  If WD insisits you send the whole thing back for replacement, then you should take the HD out, conncect to LInux again, and copy off all the data to your computer.  Because, WD will most certainly lose all your data if you send them the MBL.

The long and the short of it is that you have to get your hands dirty and you have to learn some new skills if you want to fix this MBL.  Thankfully many users have created very detailed guides for novices to follow.

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I’m afraid that there are pretty slim chances of recovery from defected hard drive. However, if the drive is still detected by the BIOS and listed under ‘Disk Management’, data can be extracted using powerful recovery tools. You can found one here, free to try and gives deep scanning option to recover data even from severe situations of data loss.

Good luck!!