Data Recover


i am using DV6000 HP laptop with Western Digital 250GB hard drive.

during replacement of LCD inverter by the technician in a shop, the mother board and hard drive circuit  has gone out of order. now i cannot detect my hard drive.

please can you give me a suggestion to recover my data from hard drive? in Bnagladesh there is no facility to recover data in such condition.


You can try to get a usb adapter for internal drives 2.5 inch. And test the unit on a different computer to see if it shows as an slave.

yes i have tried the same but it does not show any slave.

Very Urgent!!!

Please! Plaese let me know any address in Singapore / Malaysia / China where i can send my Hard Drive for data recovery, Please !!!

Hi, check the link below.

many thanks for you suggestion. i will try to contact with the addresses in Asia.

If the HDD doesn’t spin up, then it most probably has a board fault. A replacement PCB plus firmware transfer should cost you no more than US$50.

If you are lucky, then the problem may be as simple as a shorted TVS diode, in which case there is an easy, no-cost DIY solution.


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