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My understanding is that My Cloud gives me a cloud in my own premises and therefore it is under my physical security. I understand I can also achieve data security by having data on My Cloud synchronized with other computers I have on either the LAN or WAN as well as have data continuously backed up to a device of my own. Thus my question is about the need for a copy of my data to be stored on Western Digital’s website … I understand data may need to be uploaded there (e.g. a photo from my phone) before it can be downloaded to My Cloud device but is there a way of automatically deleting the data on WD’s website once it has been copied to My Cloud device (without the deletion being synchronised to all my devices of course)?

Data isn’t stored on WD servers. The website is merely a portal to access your mycloud device. It does this either by acting as a redirecting service, or by acting as a relay. In the former method, it sets up the path between your accessing device and your mycloud. In the latter mode, data passes through the WD servers to your MyCloud, but it is end-to-end encrypted using HTTPS.

WD do not provide a cloud backup service. Your mycloud is the only place that data is stored.

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Hi @gvm77

as @cpt_paranoia wrote, nothing of your personal data is stored expect usernames and credentials for authentication purposes done by the mycloud relay servers. The backend of is similar to a Dynamic DNS relay and exact the same setup. All answers to your questions can be read in the developer section of under My Cloud API, Authorization Guide; direct link is

We respect the privacy at highest level, therefore the Authorization Guide shows everything in the most possible detail. Our credo is personal security and personal privacy for all My Cloud users, provided and guaranteed on and by all My Cloud devices.

excellent, thank you for clarifying … Greg