Data Lost

I have a really bad problem recently with a WD hdd.
See the problem here: my post
My idea is YOU to make a new port on the actual hdd  and from that port to be able to take information (say with a stick) from the bad,broken,or damaged hdd. Just power the hdd and with a stick (and a jumper maybe-to keep disks spinning and cap reading) to be able to take the data directly from hdd , with no need of a OS.
 This i think will be a great advancement to hdd technology, and maybe a shock to community.
And also, will be a great benefit for all of us with problems like loosing data.
Oh i am so mad because of that data lost (see the forum where i discussed this issue).
Don’t put any password on retrieving data (people forget them easily).
thank you and hope you can do it some time.

Get a program like Norton’s Ghost or R-Tools Technology’s R-Drive and make an image of your drive.

You will be able to restore your entire drive in a few minuets. Great for installing evaluation software and then undoing it, getting rid of viruses, undoing unrecoverable tweeks to the system, setting up many computers with the same configuration, … you name it.

After using this method once, you will wonder how you ever lived without it

I use the less expensive R-Drive program and have never had a problem with it.

i dont know the password for harddisk security WD3200BPVT HELP ME PLEASEEEEEE