Data Loss with Thunderbolt My Book Duo


I have a Thunderbolt WD Drive which is connected to a Mac running Mavericks. I have read the emails about the auto reformat issue after upgrading to the new OSX.

I never had this issue and I didn’t have the drive manager software installed. Unfortunately, this morning, my drive reformatted itself for unknown reasons and is now showing as 2 separate drives, instead of the usual single raid drive (Raid 0).

In total, I have lost 3TB of data, with only 1TB as spare storage space. I was in the process of backing up this drive to the cloud but as you can imagine, it takes a long time to do. I only managed to backup 16%.

I have done a scan of both the new partitions to see if my data is there, and it is. Only issue I can see is that some files are smaller than expected, I’m guessing that’s because they are split over the two hard drives.

How can I recover the data so it pieces it altogether correctly? Do I just do a data recovery on each partition or should I raid the drives again and recover that way?

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi TheSnail, sorry to hear you lost your files. For this case, I recommend you to contact WD Support directly. Check the link below.