Data Lifeguard tools for Linux and Mac OS X users

Western Digital used to provide their hard drive diagnostic tools as a bootable CDROM image.   They no longer do this, and their support personnel now direct all such requests to the Window only tools.  Linux and Mac OS X users are unable to get diagnostic support for their hard drives.

Western Digital should release their Data Lifeguard tool and other drive tools like firmware updates, as a Bootable CDROM (ISO) or USB Flash Drive image (IMG).

I would like this request to be re considered. There is much larger base of Home NAS systems today. With the explosion of Home NAS systems, the practice of removing suspect HDDs and testing them on a Windows PC with the WD Lifeguard Toolset, is a little artificial. Can I make a suggestion that the WD Lifeguard Toolset be made available as an Application that can be installed onto the Home NAS device, so that any suspect HDD can be tested in its Native environment?

Now the selfish bit. My choice of Home NAS was a Synology DS2413+. Applications are easily installable on the Synology DSM platform, where I can see there are a good deal of Synology systems populated with WD HDDs of varying colours.
I would presume that if this suggestion were given some serious thought, that the initial Home NAS platform would be the WD Cloud range. On the assumption that this does get legs, then can the Synology DSM platform run a close second… PLEASE.

released october 2016, usb-bootable wd lifeguard is available in

google (wd life guard bootable) result 1
thanks to wd

This USB Bootable WD lifeguard DOES NOT WORK with SSD