Data Lifeguard Report "Warranty" column

My 1.5GB Caviar Green drive caused data loss and chkdsk errors

It failed Data Lifeguard testing (both short and long)

I used Data Lifeguard to write zeros to the entire disk for data security before RMA

After using the write zero, the drive now passes the Data Lifeguard tests!

The Data Lifeguard report now shows a “1” in the Warranty Column for 3 of the tests. What does this mean?

Has the drive repaired itself or has writing zeros simply improved a faulty drive?

If I RMA the drive, will it be returned as not faulty or accepted for warranty replacement?

The DLG does repair drives if possible. However if you don’t feel comfortable with the drive you can contact WD by email or phone and explain the situation Im sure they will understand.

the extended test in dlg diag will actually mark off bad sectors, so that they are not used.  however, if there are a lot, then the drive still needs to be replaced.