Data Lifeguard fails to detect drive

My OS is Windows Server 2008 R2. The Model Number copied from the Properties display of the Disk Management utility of Windows (and by Seagate’s “SeaTools for Windows”) is WDC WD10EZEX-00BN5A0. The serial number entered above was detected by Seagate’s “SeaTools for Windows” utility.

I downloaded from your website and installed Data Lifeguard today.

When I run it (either logged in as Administrator, or when logged in personally and right-clicking on windlg.exe) and selecting “Run As Administrator”, the utility runs, but does not detect any physical drives, but it does display the C: drive in the bottom window, as a 1000.10GB drive.

How can I get Data Lifeguard to detect and test my drive.

Thank you.



Are you able to test this unit on a different computer with a different OS version?


Thanks for your quick response.

Unfortunately, I’m administering that server from a few hundred miles
away, via remote desktop, and there’s no person available at its physical
location to remove the drive, put it in a different machine and test it,
without going to considerable time and expense.

The drive appears to be working OK, and a quick test using Seagate’s
“SeaTools for Windows” utility finds no problems.

In fact, that particular machine also contains a Seagate 80 GB drive,
which was not detected either, though it also showed as a logical drive in
Data Lifeguard.

Perhaps you might be able to confirm that Data Lifeguard will detect such
drives in Windows Server 2008 R2? I’m sure you have better testing
facilities than I.

Thank you.

Robert Hakes