Data Lifeguard doesn't recognize the drive as a local drive

I have a bad WD Caviar Blue 500GB drive which I have attached (external usb drive enclosure) to a Windows 7 box to run the Data Lifeguard tests on prior to calling for an RMA. Windows picks the drive and recognizes it as a local disk but the Data Lifeguard software is only seeing logical drives. Is this a software issue with Windows 7? Thanks in advance

I suspect that Data Lifeguard doesn’t know how to communicate with the USB-SATA bridge chip inside the external enclosure. Or maybe the bridge chip is one of those that doesn’t support SMART pass through.

Try one of the following SMART utilities.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

Try running Data Lifeguard as an administrator. I know on my Windows 7 box, if I don’t right-click on it and select “Run As Administrator” my drives sometimes only show up as a logical drive.

Thanks for the responses. Turns out I just used an XP system to perform the dx’s. Works fine, I did in fact try the “Run As” scenario for Windows 7 but had no joy with it.