Data LifeGuard Diagnosticsver 1.3.1 Cannot See WD Passport

I want to wipe the drive by filliing it with zeroes.
The Diagnostics program assigns a drive letter in logical drives, but it is not listed under physical drives and therefore I cannot wipe it. It is a WD My Passport 25E1 (USB 3) Revision 1015.

How can I get this to work. Or is there an alternative program from WD or elsewhere.

A second Win7 computer can see this WD drive under physical, but the first Win7 computer can only see it logically. Tech support did not know the reason for this. Do you?

It could be a software problem or a permissions problem related to running the program as an administrator (Try right-clicking over the program and select the option to run as an administrator even if you are using an administrator account).

Regardless, writing zeros only has to be done once. Running the process in the first or second computer will not change the end result once the process is completed.

Hello I have the same problem whith a WD 4 TB connected with USB !!!

No problem in the windows explorer and disk manager…