Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Is there any downside to using the Windows version instead of the DOS version?

Also, is it possible to test multiple drives at the same time, perhaps by running two instances of the app at the same time?


Hi lunadesign, both versions work the same. There is currently no option to test several drives at the same time. 

Actually, I just discovered they don’t work the same.  When I tried to use the Windows version to do the “Write Zeroes” operation, the tool told me that I had to use the DOS version.

I realize the tool doesn’t allow you to start a 2nd operation once the 1st one is running but what happens if I run two instances of the tool simultaneously?

Hi again, I don’t run into the same problem when running the Write Zeroes option on the Windows version. I also just verified you can run several instances of DLG simultaneously.