Data Lifeguard Diagnostic ver 5.04f

I just installed a new WD HDD (model WD5003AZEX) and before installing Win 7 64bit OS, I wanted to write all zeros to the disk first.  I downloaded the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS (CD) and burned an ISO disk with no problems.  At boot, the program loads, it says it has found a WD hard drive, but this version does not support this hard drive and that I should contact support for an earlier version.  I used Version 5.04f.

 I don’t get it … it’s a brand new hard drive!  This is a 6 Gb/s HDD; the BIOS on my mother board recognizes the HDD. but the mother board is limited to 3 Gb/s … so, I put a jumper on pins 5 & 6 as the instructions indicated to set the HDD to 3 Gb/s.

So … what is wrong with this picture?  Should I have left the jumper off and hope the mother board will negotiate the speed differential?  Finding an earlier version of Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS (CD) is easier said than done.  Perhaps a moderator can post a link to an earlier version.

The jumper settings will make it go down to 3gbs

nothing to do with the DLG problem though…

Try using other program to low level format the drive