Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) doesn't work

I have downloaded the .iso file of  Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) and burned the image to a cd using both nero and magic iso. In one case I used a cd-r at 16x, in the other a cd-rw at 4x. In both cases I get a bootable cd with 2 lines of graphic followed by a black screen. No diagnostics are loaded, so no tests can be performed. There are 5 files on the cd when it is explored. WD tech support says there are no issues with this file. I then downloaded and installed the windows version and it works fine. I would like to be able to test a drive that is wiped before I install the os. Does anyone  have experience with this issue?

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When burning the iso to the cd, did you use a cd burning software that converts the iso to the cd?  If not then it won’t work.

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In light of the recent argument that I had to pull, I did some research on the DLG Diagnostics utility.  If you’ll notice, the download was last updated in October of 2008.  I found that on some of the newer systems the CD will not load the program.  If the utility is compatible with a system, it should load all the way into the utility.  So, you’d be able to start whatever function you wanted.  However, if it’s not compatible with the system, then it will do exactly as it did for your system.  You will have a black screen and the utility will not execute.


Forgot to add, that if it’s not compatible, then you will need to use another system with Windows to run the Windows based utility on the drive.

That’s pretty pathetic. I have the same problem, Windows 7, I need to reformat the entire drive, and the proprietary DOS software won’t work because it’s too old. That is really poor on the part of Western Digital. I’ll be sure to look at other manufacturers from now on.

The workaround is to install windows on another physical hard drive, boot it from there, reformat the drive that now has windows on it, etc. What a pain in the **bleep**.

I’m by no means defending anyone, but is there a reason you can just let Windows 7 format the drive as part of its install?

Where do you get the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS CD image ?!
There on are no signs of that image :frowning: