My harddisk is WD800BB(This harddisk is Pata IDE).I download Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD)-Diag504fCD.iso from〈=en.I use Nero to burn the file Diag504fCD.iso into CD.When I use the CD to boot from CDROM,it can boot sucessful,but cannot run and notice me ““Critical Resource Error : PCI-X feature not Supported : >32 bit address!!””.My motherboard is DP965LT(it supply the IDE through the Mavell 88SE6101).I also attempt to connect the harddisk to the PCI card which used the chip of SII0680a,but has the same problem! I have already update the motherboard BIOS and the SII0680a to the newest version.What is the reason cause the problem?How can I solve it? Thanks!

Well you can connect your drive as secondary on another computer and use the Windows version of the DLG, available for download at the Western Digital website.