Data files are invisible and inaccessible

Help!  I recently bought a WD Elements to replace my ClickFree.

I used the WD drive to backup my system and also data files. I then set automatic backup (via Win7).

The first few times I made changes to data files, I did spot checks by opening them on the WD drive to be sure that they were updated. They always were.

I just went to look for a data file on the WD device. Although the device shows over 700GB devoted to data files, the files no longer appear and there is no way to access them. (I already made sure that “show hidden files and folders” was activated in Win7.)

AS OF 6/11/2015

Data file backup: 702.01 GB

System image: 742.77GB

Other files: 3.04GB

Free space: 415.17GB

Total size: 1.82TB

Running Win7, HP pavilion dv7.

Any suggestions on how to access my data files will be much appreciated.

Welcome to the WD Community.

Are you saying that none of the files are on the drive? or is an specific file?

If you test the drive on a different computer, are you getting the same?

Thanks for your response.

I have to assume they are on the drive since there are data files taking up 700GB.

All data files and folders are invisible and inaccessible.

I don’t own another computer.

Try enabling show hidden files and see if that does anything.


As stated in initial post, I already did that.

The same happened to me and even though win7 shows that data takes place and disk (Passport Ultra 1TB) is almost full, data is inaccessible. I have tried different computer, operating systems (win 7 & win 8.1), different usb cable (3.0) and tested the drive (which is a new drive) by Windows utilities as well as WD lifeguard and drive utility All showed that disk is perfectly OK. WD support has suggested me to format the disk but then I’ll loose the entire information (600GB) which is very important and have no other back up to it. What is the problem? and more important how is it possible to fixe it?