Data Encryption?


Unfortunately I found out that even though I chose not to encrypt the data on my My Book it is still encrypted, or at least that is how I see it. I tried to mount the drive as an internal drive and it does not mount. I have a couple questions for you guys. Is there any way to recover this data? Is there any way to disable encryption? It might not be the right term but basically I would like to use the drive and be able to mount it internally if i ever need to. Do all your producst come with this? What about WD Element? can WD elements be mounted withtout the WD board.

And all this is because the usb is broken and cannot be repaired.

I think the drive is hardware encrypted by the board even if no password is set. What OS and what model drive?  Did you see if an electronics tech could resolder the port?


I do realize my only option in this case is to try to fix teh board. I will go to a technichian soon. But I would like to know if any of the WD hardrivies save data without hardware encryption. Does any one know?

I any don’t use encryption of some sort it would be Elements it’s a simple plug and play drive with no software. I don’t think it uses a board but I’m not 100% sure. That and all things are subject to change.