Data condition after the drive rebuilding?

I have some issues. Last night, the drive accidentally have a power failure and it start to rebuilding by itself with a red power LED and blue drive LED blinking. Is that a normal situation for the drive after power failure?

However, I put more concern to my data in there since I put all my works and thesis data there and it’s about time to have an exam when suddenly this accident happen. How about the condition of the data after the drive rebuild it self? Can I expect that I can save my data or at least have access to it? I’m very worried about this problem.

Your information would be very valueable to me since the rebuilding time is very long and I cannot stay doing nothing and wait until it finish.

Thanks a lot!


The unit most likely is checking the integrity of the data since it experienced the power failure.

It will take some time depending on the amount of data. this happened to a friend of mine and all the data was there.