Data cables

I purchased a number of boxed WD drives. No data cables were included in the retail box. When did WD stop including cables in their boxed product?  As a consultant, this cost me a lot - I looked like an ■■■■■ in front of my customer and wasted close to two hours of billable time because I had to go to the store to purchase data cables. If your competitor supplies data cables in their boxes, I’m going to purchase their drives. 

Hi iMHere, note that there is a difference between OEM and Retail drives. OEM drives don’t come with any software or cables, usually retail drives are the ones that come with additional Accessories/Cables and are described as such. Click on the following link for more information. 

Difference between WD OEM vs. Retail (RTL) drives

I would expect a cardboard box that has pictures of a hard drive on it and purchased from Best Buy to be a retail box and contain data cables.

I would consider an OEM box to be a plain cardboard box that has black and white stickers on it.  Or, a clear plastic case with a drive in it.

Do you agree?