Dashboard will not work

Don’t know if it’s windows 10 or the recent upgrade, but I cannot access my drive via Dashboard anymore. Need Dashboard to check current firmware, but the connection seems to be dropping. I can see the drive on the network from other computers here, but cannot copy more than about 10 GB without issues on the device. PLEASE HELP! Leaving for vacation on Saturday and NEED to change access points!!!

What happens when you try to access it from one of the other computers?

What do you mean by access points or do you mean cloud access?

What type of internet service do you have?

What type of issues are you having and can you provide images? What happens when you try to open the Dashboard?


Before reboot, this is the message I’m getting when starting Dashboard…
Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at
After reboot…
Accessing WD My Cloud…
and it sits for HOURS that way.

I’ve also loaded the software onto a working Windows7 unit and get the same results.

Any ideas?

Can we get a screenshot (you can paste it directly into your reply)?

On your ROUTERS homepage, do you see the device? Can you verify that is it’s IP? .88 is pretty high up there, and unless you did some fiddling with the router or have a LOT of other devices, it wouldn’t normally get that IP…

Absolutely was not a problem until this recent update…has always had the .88 address even before the Windoz 10 update!

It pings just fine, but put a load on it and it disappears and NO DASHBOARD!

Do a reset on the drive - if the issue persists do the same on the router (it’s possible something happened during the reboot associated with the update). Are you using DHCP or a static address?

Geezee, without Dashboard I really can’t tell if DHCP or static. I’ll reboot EVERYTHING and advise.

Thanks for the quick responses!!! Much appreciated.

Depending on your router you should be able to look and see if your My Cloud shows and find the correct address. I have the address number for mine reserved. If it was not static/reserved then there is a chance it has changed. See example image below of my router. Click on image to enlarge it.