Dashboard web viewer no scroll bar

I have just installed ubuntu, and when I use the web viewer to transfer files between the to 2 installed drives the dashboard only shows the first 10 files. when I log in with a windows computer there is a scroll bar that you can refresh the page to show the next files.
I only want to transfer files from one drive to the other.(inside the ex2)
I can do this over the network but it takes 7 minutes to transfer a 1gb files.
I have to transfer a load of files and need another app to transfer the files
Anyone help me

Hopefully an experienced Ubuntu user will be able to assist.

Just downloaded the iPhone app, why can’t wd make an app just like this for Windows,Mac and Linux???
This app does everything I need!!!
Just need it on Linux
Please WD make one!!!

I use Chrome on my iPad and some area that scroll (like looking at the log file) work a bit strange as you have two over lapping windows that both try to scroll at the same time.

and it take many finger pushed to get a backup to USB task started - a hotspot problem ?

But at least it all works after some poking.

BUT watch out - the reboot tab is right above the log out tab - after doing the twice I just let the web page time out.