Dashboard UI -- not able to access

Hi Folks, I am using Gen1-WdMycloud 8TB Single Bay Running Firmware version: 2.41.116 running DHCP using TPlink router.

  1. Not able to Access Dashboard UI - → not able to reach, refused to connect
  2. Able to Ping the IP but can’t SSH or telnet
  3. Have restarted by pulling Power Cable couple of time and Soft reset for 4 seconds.
  4. Shares are working sometimes and suddenly drive goes offline and is not accessible for few hours, start with step 3 again
  5. Reset router few times and cleared IP

Is there way to check filesystem without the UI and determine if drive is getting fried or about get fried
Would it possible to connect Drive directly to PC and export content via direct USB cable

Appreciate any help on advice on this matter. I have about 6 years worth of data and going mad


If your single bay My Cloud is using v2.x firmware then it is Second Generation.

Your issues sound suspiciously like those people are getting after upgrading a second generation single bay My Cloud to the OS5 firmware. The main problem many face after updating the firmware to OS5 on a second gen is the OS5 indexing ties up the My Cloud to the point that it is unresponsive for many hours. If one is able to eventually access the My Cloud Dashboard, one of the suggested workaround is to disable Remote Access/Cloud Access and turn off the DLNA media server features.

If one is using OS5 v5.x firmware on their single bay My Cloud, see the dedicated OS5 subforum for the My Cloud where many are facing issues.

OS5 My Cloud

Thanks Bennor, I have posted my questions there. Drive is now Unstable and not able to filesystem check via UI or Defragment. Any thoughts

If you haven’t done so already open up a support case with WD Support to see if they can provide any support.