Dashboard Temp Error?

I downloaded the new Dashboard update and my 3 x SN850X drives show a drastically different temp in Dashboard than they do in other programs such as Hwinfo, Hwmonitor or even Window 11’s own readings.

In the latter 3 the drives show as around 40’c going up to around 50’c when under load but in Dashboard they all show up as 65’c all the time, Maybe dipping 1’c at most.

Is Dashboard reading temps completely differently or is it a bug ?

I have similar problem after update. Temperature reading is ok but there is no reading for read/write speed. I have also WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD.
Dashboard is terrible product.
Is there previous version offline installer?

Best bet is to only use it for firmware updates and then use Hwinfo for actual accurate temp readings.

Crystal Disk Report is good for monitoring SSD health

The SN850 do tend to be warm which is due to the faster logic in use