Dashboard stuck on Reading configuration information after messing with Apache and PHP


I did something wrong while trying to install owncloud on my new My Cloud and now I can’t access the WD dashboard anymore… everytime I try to login it hangs on the “Reading configuration information message”.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have an idea of what can be happening? I want to login to restore to the default settings.


do a factory reset inside the dash board IF IF IF you have not added data to it yet

Hi cinobyte, that’s what I was trying to do, but I can’t access the dashboard… I think that the only remaining option is to open it and restore the partition =/

Arey you able to ssh into it?

If you can ssh in you can revive it… Let me know. 

Did you install a bunch of php modules to support owncloud?

I had ssh access, but then I tried to run the FactoryReset.sh script wondering if it would do a full reset, but not… it just blocked my ssh access so no, I don’t have ssh access anymore =/ Do you know of any other way to enable ssh aside the dashboard option?

Yes, I think so… I was following some step by step tutorials and I think that I upgraded some modules that weren’t supposed to be touched.


I am not aware of any way to reset the ssh access.

I think you may have to open the case and follow the info in these threads:



will do it, I’m just waiting for an USB-Sata cable so I can plug into my laptop. thanks for the help