Dashboard start page chart problem

I bought a “My Cloud EX2”. I turned him on for the first time yesterday. There are two 4TB disks. It is configured as a factory unit 8TB (4 + 4). I changed the RAID to create two 4TB disks mirrored. The problem is that after the completion of the RAID change, the graph of the dashboard home page showed 7.89 TB (equivalent to 8TB). The RAID change was perfectly and I could check the internal settings of the unit there were two 4TB drives mirrored (RAID 1), the problem was only in the chart. I decided to make a “quick resore”, after which the defect has been resolved, the number was 3.89 (corresponding to a drive 4TB). However, during use, I found that the information that appears next to the graph does not correspond to reality. It said that the unit contained 700mb of movies, but I had not yet put any video file into it. In another moment, the chart circle and and the information of usage by file type were NOT there. It was the dashboard home page just a number showing the free space (the unit was still empty, so the number was 3.89 TB), after a reboot, the information returned. But now, after entering the login and password, the dashboard loaded and showed, AGAIN, 7,89TB. What is going on? I will need to keep doing “quick restore” all the time? Is there any way to recharge the usage information (free space and consumption by file type)? Can someone help me?

Agree, this should not be the case nor should repeated restoring be necessary. You should give WD support a call on Monday and get to the bottom of this issue.