Dashboard software download

I do no longer seem to have the software for Mycloud on my computer. I cannot remember if when I bought my iCloud drive whether or not the software came on disc. The disc is nowhere to be found anyway and I have been trying to download the software so that I can get my iCloud drive up and running. used to be able to access all my music from anywhere!
The drive has not been used for a while but is on with a blue light showing.
Please help

iCloud? Or is that your iThing spell checker getting in the way?

No software is provided on a disc; all supporting software is downloaded:


The Dashboard user interface is built-in to the MyCloud. It is accessed via a web browser:


The MyCloud user manual should help:


Thank you for your help. I had a problem trying to stop it replacing Mycloud with lots of different ideas. Anyway I can make progress now I know that the software is available. Once again thanks for your help

@chips7400 If the blue light on the front is showing then your My Cloud is working, how about the lights (LED’s) on the rear, what are they doing?

What type of device/computer do you have and operating system? Is it Windows?

If it is Windows then look at your Network and under Storage>WDMYCLOUD right click on it then open up View Web Page. See example image below.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Thank you for your help but hesitation has now been resolved and my drive is now working. I don’t think it was on the same network as my computer as I have two networks. I connected it to the network and once it was found i was able to get the software and it is now installed. Thanks again