Dashboard ruined my SN850?

I installed a second SN850 NVMe SSD today, which was also immediately recognized by the BIOS (ASRock Taichi B550), so I could initialize a new drive under Windows 10. When I started Dashboard, it immediately indicated that a new firmware version was available. I also installed it, since this was also displayed for the first SN850 when I started Dashboard for the first time a few months ago. After the update, I was able to copy the data from an old SATA SSD to the new SN850. Everything was fine. Then I shut down the computer because I had to go out. And now since the startup, the second SN850 is no longer recognized, it no longer appears in the BIOS.

So, I would have logged in here today anyway, because I had a question about updating the firmware. Because I noticed that the second SN850 got a much higher version number than the first SN850. Firmware version of the first SN850 is 613200WD and is displayed as the latest version. But the second SN850 got something with 614800WD or something like that. How could it be that the same model gets a higher version while the first SN850 shows 613200WD as the latest version.

Has Dashboard now installed an invalid version for me and ruined the SSD?

Today I tested the second SSD on the first M.2_1 Slot and the BIOS could recognize the SSD. That means that the new SSD is not out of function. I put it back to M.2_2 and the first SSD to M.2_1. I also loaded the “Standard defaults settings” in the BIOS. After a reboot the system could see both SSDs even in Windows again, so I was able to make a screen shot of the second SSD in Dashboard. The Firmware of the second SSD is 614900WD, and 613200WD of the first as latest version. What do you think about installing the 613200WD Version on the second SSD manually? Is this possible? Where can find the firmware version for my SN850 1T ?

Hi @TBarth1,

Please refer to the article Where to download software, utilities, firmware updates, and drivers for WD products:

The exact same happened to me.

Updated firmware. SSD gone from both BIOS and Windows 10.

Thankfully the drive somehow came back and I could copy my files to a SSD.

You should make a ticket.

Support told me to RMA the drive.

I replaced the SN850 1TB by a Samsung 980 1TB. Problem solved. I wanted to know if the problem is related to a malfunction of the Taichi B550 Board, but it’s the SN850 that seem to have compatibility problems with the M.2_2-Slot (Gen3)

I also have this problem, please ask for the firmware of the sn850 or the firmware of the previous version

Same problem here. After installing SN850 2TB on MSI x570 A-Pro motherboard in the M2_1 slot, it was seen in BIOS and in Windows (10 x64).
Then Dashboard did the firmware update to 614900WD successfully, and the SN850 was not recognised anymore in BIOS.
After installing it in the M2_2 slot, it is recognised, but runs at reduced speeds. Not happy.