Dashboard resolves to incorrect IP

Dashboard is non-functioning at this writing.  It will not load at all.  
I notice that the IP is incorrect when I use the alias to invoke the dashboard.  It will NOT resolve using the alias nor will it resolve when the correct IP is typed into the address bar of a browser.
I can see the MyCloud on dd-wrt and using wifi scanner.  I can see the folders from the finder only when the macbook is on the same network - no remote access.

What the actual _______?

I am not sure what your actual issue is

on the local network you can access the shares correctly in finder?

are you trying to access the dahboard from the local network? or remotely? remote needs a lot of special router setings and personall I don’t recomend it.

can you ping the IP and the alias?

any errors with the dashboard? is it loading at all?