Dashboard refused to connect

I have my cloud 4 tb with latest firmware , am using it for cctv recording 15 camera on my lan without router , connected it to one of my switches, the configuration is :
Static ip :
Subnet :
Remote access enabled with auto port forwarding

My cloud behavior after i power restart :
The dashboard working perfectly and i can browse on internet explorer and chrome which is port 80 is open but after a few hours the port will be closed and cant open the dashboard.

Everytime i restart it i gain access but after few hours like i said it become un-accessible , in the other hand it keep recording but cant access dashboard, that my problem.

No router at all? Just a switch?

I suspect one of your manual IP address assignments is conflicting.

With that many devices on your network, I think I’d be using a router with a DHCP server, and let the router sort out the addressing…

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Yeah i dont have router because i dont want it to be online , only offline lan
And I checked all the cameras , there is no ip conflicting issue , because like i said before i am able to record but not able to access dashboard

You don’t have to connect the router to the internet; strictly, a router doesn’t have that function, only a modem/router does. You can still get pure routers, if you’re concerned about the modem bit somehow getting connected to the internet…

How are you able to determine that you are recording? By using a file manager to view the recording directories?

What exactly do you mean when you say you are not able to access the Dashboard? What happens when you do? What error message do you get?

It may be that the MyCloud is too busy trying to index and thumbnail the incoming video. Make sure media servers and cloud access are turned off.

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Because am able to ping it , and its recording fine i can play the previous records also i can explore the files

But when i try to access The dashboard through the chrome and IE it show me error which is " refused to connect " .

If it was busy like u said then why my other external wd my book is working fine browsing , recording and exploring?!!!

I’m trying to help you by doing remote diagnosis. That’s quite difficult, as the situation is rarely described fully, or accurately (e.g. the MyBook), and so requires a lot of questions, which can seem to make no sense, or have answers that seem ‘obvious’ to the enquirer.

I’ve never seen a ‘refused to connect’ response, so I can’t help further. Good luck.

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