Dashboard problem

I have a problem accessing the dashboard for my PR4100. It loads the page after logging in, but the javascript hangs.

I know it is a malfunctioning javascript because:
a) I have tried multiple browsers and, very rarely, I get a pop-up that pops up a javascript error which, after I say abort the script, the entire dashboard pops up and performs perfectly.
b) when the hanging web page finally times out and just before it returns to the logon page, the dashboard goes live and I see all the drive capacity/use/etc… for a moment.

The abort option is nearly impossible to replicate. It has been a month since I was able to even get that rare event to work. And, since I was trying so many different browsers (Edge, Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, …) to find one that would reliably give me the option to abort a hung javascript, I don’t know exactly which one I was using when I did get the abort option and got in.

Note: I had a similar thing happen to another PR4100 and spent hours on the line with WD warranty support before they offered to warranty replace the unit. This unit, however, is not under warranty, so I don’t have that option. And, since this is a production NAS, so I can’t just do things like 40-second reset or otherwise experiment.

I need a way to reliably get into the dashboard, especially since the PR4100 with OS3 are now vulnerable to 0day hack and I need to get it upgraded to OS5. Though, honestly, I’m a bit worried to do a firmware upgrade on a device I can’t reliably get into. If something goes wrong, I might have bricked it.

A) Does anyone know a browser, browser setting, or javascript abort method that will offer the ability to reliably abort a javascript that is taking too long (timeout)?
B) Is there any other way to get to the dashboard other than through a browser window?
C) Does anyone have any other workaround or suggestion?

Thanks 1,000,000!


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud Dashboard Online User Guide and Solutions