Dashboard nowhere to be found

Issue: connecting to the ip of my unit always times out. No dashboard, not even login screen is loaded.

Troubleshooting so far:

  1. When the dashboard bugs out I normally ssh to it and reboot it, fixing the problem. This time however, admin, root or normal users didn’t work. Ssh returned access denied. Login with sshd worked but reboot did nothing.
  2. Tried 4 second reset. Admin-user still get access denied login using ssh. No dashboard loginscreen loaded at all - still timeout. I can access the files but since dashboard is not available I’m vunerable if a hdd should fail.
  3. Tried 40 second power-off reset. The unit appears as default name and I can access the files through guest-access. But still no dashboard and the reset removed ssh-login. Leaving me even more vunerable to hdd failure. Mycloud app can find the unit but not add it due to “firmware update needed”.

Is there anything else I can do?