Dashboard Not working on my live duo 4tb

Hi everyone

Im trying to reset my drive to factory setting and delete all my data. I assume i got to do this through dashboard which i havent been able to access.

The dashboard icon loads up my ip through my browser. but this is what only comes up on screen

€5H^!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€5H^#!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€5H^a!€!€!€!€5H^ !€!€!€5H^!€5H^ m!€!€!€5H^!€5H^!€!€!€!€5H^P!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^ç!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€5H^X!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€5H^!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€5H^!€5H^!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€5H^(!€!€!€ €!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€5H^!€5H^!€!€!€!€!€!€!€

Ive tried reinstalling software and reseting the drive with the button on back with no luck. I need help as selling the drive on ebay and need to fix this asap.

any help will be greatly recived 

thank you


Hello and welcome to the community,

Have you tried using another Internet Browser?


sorry im using a mac and looked at the app store and cant find any alternatives web browsers