Dashboard Monitor Crashes, WD Storage Service Won't Start

Whenever I try to get to the Monitor page on the Dashboard, the entire Dashboard crashes and exits.

The WD Storage Service fails with error 1067.

The event log is filled with tones of errors once this happens - can’t get temperatre, can’t get fan speed, etc. etc.

This is happening on just one of our three Sentinels.

No configuration chanegs were made - they’re all configured exactly the same.

Any ideas?

I had a similar set of issues when a WD Software upgrade went wrong. I fixed it through brute-force by downloading the latest update manually, extracting it, and running the *.msi installers on the Sentinel. Most of them came up with Repair/Remove options (meaning already installed) but at least a couple acted as if they were new installations. Everything’s been fine since, even after the latest software udpate.

Yeah, the Sentinel in question had an alert about installing the latest software, and the other 2 didn’t.

I was trying to update the thing and that’s when I found out it would crash when I load up the Monitor page.

It’s pretty dumb that the Software Update tab isn’t on it’s own page, because now I have to do what you did - hunt down the update file and find some way to open it up and install it.  If it’s just MSIs in a zip/similar format, then that should be easy enough.  Gonna try it now.

I first tried running the software update service command line executable (wdswus_cl.exe or whatever it is) and giving it the .ZIP as an argument, but that didn’t work.

I ended up randomly running .MSI files from the update .ZIP.  I tried to get away with just doing the Storage Provider one, but that didn’t fix it, so I just ran all of them, selecting “Repair”, and I was able to get back to the Software Update tab.

I then manually updated (through the Software Update tab) from the .ZIP again so it could run all the batch files and powershell scripts and stuff in its usual order.  I have no idea if I altered my config at all by not running all the preinstall/postinstall batch files and scripts when I ran the .MSIs, or by running the MSIs with “repair” instead of whatever paramaters the various scripts pass through.

After rebooting from the manual update through the Software Update tab, the Storage Provider service fails to start again.

Can someone from WD provide instruction on how to manually update from a .ZIP file without going through the Software Update tab on the Dashboard?

Did another round of manual repairs with the MSI files.

I’m not sure which one fixes the Storage Provider service though.

After another restart the Storage Provider service (and all other WD services) did manage to restart properly.