Dashboard login gone after system only restore

I was playing around and testing a my could drive. My dashboard login was simply admin/admin and i had ssh enabled and working.

I wanted to reset OS related settings i had made. i.e i had installed transmission and just wanted to get rid of it. So i did a system only restore from the dashboard.

After the drive came back online the dashboard login doesnt work and also ssh seems to have been disabled.

Seems very stupid to me. I’ve tried a blank password but no luck.

Any idea what could have happened and what can i do to fix this?

 I’ve already resetting the drive by hold the reset button for like over a minute but the same issue still.

system only restore resets everything except shares and data back to factory origional so the admin password is blank at this point and SSH is disabled

Yes i know what the system only restore does. But in this case the blank password is not working.