Dashboard Issues

I am having issues with the dashboard (popup) menus in which they don’t seem to load. I attached three separate pictures of three separate task that I tried to do. The pop up menus appear but do not load the content that should appear. I was trying to port forward, create a backup and mount an iso file but each time I do nothing comes up for these menus. I have tried safari(native browser), firefox, and chrome and its all the same. I have reset all three browsers to clear anything that might have caused this but no changes in the behavior.

Any suggestions? 

Return it immediately.  

Sorry, I really would like to be more helpful, but I have been dealing with a myriad of issues like these from day one, and I am at the end of my rope at this point.  Until WD finishes product development on this unit, it may not be worth dealing with it.  If you are able to find some way to use this NAS in its current state that justifies the price you paid for it, then you could wait and hope that WD addresses all the issues (with no guarantee that the issues you have found will ever be fixed satisfactorily).   I could not justify keeping this thing for a simple file server - it failed on the most basic functionality.

You probably have already tried all the basic steps like updating the firmware to the latest version and resetting the NAS via the utility page.  I haven’t used much of the functionality on the NAS given that I have not been able to get past getting basic functionality to work,  but regarding the USB backup, verify successfully connected USB device(s) via the USB icon on the upper right corner of the home page.  

Good luck.  Wish I could be more help, although the first comment could be the most helpful suggestion - really.

Unfortunatly I agree with John.  I have had dashboard issues since day one as well.  

Also agree that this unit fails on just being a file server.  (when it is running bogus / rouge process it shouldnt be, the unit is more of a dog than its rated to be.

I have 7 days left to return unless I can talk WD into some compensation to continue to put up with this until they fix it.  (which has not been determined yet)

If not done already, try disabling all browser extensions and try again to access the dashboard.

If your on the fence about returning it and have repeatable errors, i reccomend doing a  reset after you’ve applied the new firmware.  There is a reset button on the back that you must hold for 10-30 secs.  It will reset all your profiles and such but not drop your data.  I did this as a troubleshooting step after having some connectivity issues.  All my data was still there but i had to remake profiles and permissions.  Now it works like a champ and saved me from having to reload my data and deal with a different set of problems on another NAS.

If the problems are still there i’d just return it.

I actually just performed a reboot from the dashboard to erase the settings but keep the data because it started showing 0 cloud devices and stating that the user was not authorized and found that this was the only way to get around this issue. I will see if it also resolves this issue as well, but of course I thought it was all working and turned my computer off at home so I will not be able to fiddle with it until I get home tonight. 

I can confirm that resetting the device does indeed solve the solution