Dashboard inaccessible after system restore. Recovery to a second unit possible?

After performing a system restore on my MyCloud 3tb, the dasboard is no longer available and merely displays “reading configuration information.” SSH doesn’t respond, but the twonky server at 9000 answers. I have about 2tb of data on this device.

I’ve attached two screen shots–the first reboot after the system restore, and the result after any subsequent reboot.

Luckily, all my shares remain intact and my data is available over the network. What are my data recovery options? If I buy a second unit can I perform a MyCloud-to-MyCloud data transfer? I remember seeing this option in the dashboard, but am I able to I configure this functionality from the second unit since my old unit is unusable?

This MyCloud is only seven days old so it’s definitely going back to the retailer.

exactly which restore did you run?

how long did you wait after the restore? depending on number and types of files and existing state it is possiable to take a few days for it to stabilize. try to be patient

what was the initial reason for the restore? have you made any non-supported changes?

I don’t think there is any builtin way to copy between myclouds but you can to it through the computer

screen shoots have not been approved yet

I did the “system only” restore because I was seeing strange issues with items in the dashboard showing orange exclamation points and twonky paths which would randomly revert no matter how many times I corrected the paths. The “system only” option stated it was nondestructive to my data so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Sorry you can’t see the sceenshots. The first just shows a populated dashboard with an overlayed red stop sign with text:

“Timeout; waiting for reboot. Verify that the LED on the front of your device is not red; then find the device on the network and reinitialize the web user interface. If the LED is red, reboot your drive manually. (31001)”

The second shows a blank dash board with text:

“Reading configuration information”

Like I mentioned, all my shares and data are accessible except for my external USB drive–it is no longer shared since the system restore.

There is no way that I will wait days merely for the possibility that the admin dashboard will magically repair itself. Right now I have a device that is 100% unmanageable so I can only assume its condition will deteriorate. Dashboard today, data tomorrow?

This is a fairly common problem and it does not indicate that your data is about to be lost, although I’m sure you know the value of having a backup. Anyway, first thing to do is detach any USB drive you have connected to the MyCloud, then do a 40 second reset using a paper clip in the reset button at the rear of the unit. Once it has re-booted you should be able to get access to the dashboard. It may take several attempts.

Please check your USB storage on a computer for any errors. Connect this back to your MyCloud once it has stabilized. Always make sure to eject your USB drive through the dashboard before re-booting or restoring the MyCloud.

Your problem with the Twonky settings being over-written is a known problem with the implementation of Twonky on MyCloud. You better read about it here:   http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/FAQ-Twonky-DLNA-Media-Server-Setup-amp-Use/td-p/858810