Dashboard - Get Login, Fails to login with invalid User/Password msg

After entering the IP Address of the My Cloud EX2 Ultra into Safari, I get the Dashboard Login screen. I enter the User – admin, leave the Password – blank, and click the Login button. I then get a message stating the User or Password is invalid. I have performed multiple Resets and Power Cycles of the My Cloud and still get the same results about the User/Password.

This is a first time setup of the device and I have never gotten logged into the Dashboard. Currently both the My Cloud and Mac are plugged into the LAN ports of the cable modem/router. I am able to access the My Cloud through the My Cloud mobile app on my iPhone to view both the Public and user folder I created. I can see photos that have been uploaded from my iPhone in the folder. The My Cloud still has the “MyCloudEX2Ultra” name, but I cannot reach the Dashboard login thru that name, only its IP Address when on the local network.

The Mac is running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.

Hi there,

Have you tried to access the dashboard from a different computer?

Exact same problem here with Mac OSX 10.11.3 and Safari 9.0.3 (and up to date Java). Also first time setup. I did several resets (5 and 40 sec) of the EX2 Ultra, but did not resolve issue.

Have you opened a case with support?

This ‘hard’ reset worked for me; 1 ) turn off power, 2) press and hold reset, 3) turn on power, 4) release reset button after 40+ sec.