Dashboard from outside network is necessary (request)

Yes you are not going to implement it.

Yes there is a way to do it but is tricky and you must know everytime the ip of the device.


Yes you really should think to implement it like the wd my cloud software to create a simple way to control the device outside the network.

yes everyone will be glad.

Not having a WD MyCloud Drive I really cant compare, but to access your EX2 from outside your local LAN really is fairly simple.   Fact is, I wouldnt want it to be too easy, there are just too many undesirables out there iwth nothing better to do than to attempt to brute force there way in to your drive.

In case you didnt know;

1- Go into the UI / Settings and select to allow dashboard cloud access. 

2- Then you can either go to your router and directly forward the appropriate Port  to your Drive, or you can go to the network settings and setup a port forward there.  Be aware that for the port forward setup to work from the EX2 you must have UPnP enabled on your router.

3 - From outside your network enter your router’s WAN ip address in a browser and go.  Also be aware that unless you have a static IP, or one that changes rarely you may want to setup Dynamic DNS so you dont have to keep checking what your IP address is.

Simmons wrote:

Yes you are not going to implement it.

Yes, I agree with Vetech1’s method to allow access from outside and also the security concern (though the web server does take care of a lot of common hacking techniques so it is quite safe in my opinion). But accessing the dashboard from outside is very easily doable and I have done it for some time now…so I have no idea why Simmons is saying WD is not going to implement it…they have implemented it from the beginning :slight_smile:

And in fact, once you do this, you have your personal web server running and available to the outside world. I am now able to share PDFs or any other files with the outside world thanks to the web server. It does take a couple simple steps in SSH to harness the web server’s functionality to share my own files with the otuside world but it is super-easy once I enabled cloud access of the dashboard (which basically enabled the web server in EX2 to serve http requests from outside the network).