Dashboard doesn't find any disk

Dashboard doesn’t find any disk. I have a SN750 Black NVME
Dashboard version
Win 11 fresh installed


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Same issue here! Still waiting for a new Dashboard version cause you can’t find any old versions online.
Some in other posts shared previous versions to download Download file DashboardSetupSA3.4.2.9.exe
[ :white_check_mark:]Download file DashboardSetupSA3.8.2.9.exe

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is The link ok or It is a tremendous Killer virus?

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I will share with you the post where the link was posted
I myself replied that I can’t use it.

Please I don’t recommend you use any of these offline standalone versions unless there is an official version from Western Digital.

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I agree!
My mother taught me not to accept candy from strangers


You don’t seem to realize this is an official WD standalone installer just for an older version. WD is offering download of standalone installer just for the newest version that has this bug. Why they don’t have archive of older versions of the software, that I can’t understand.

By which informations I have to deduct that linked url is an official old version?
this doesn’t seem an official link but could be by everyone:

Download file DashboardSetupSA3.8.2.9.exe

i am downloading in a sendbox. 57min to wait

This is the result of scanning in sandbox, I dont kwon if depenpeds by the installer’, but i suppose that’s a standard . scanning on the file didn’t give any warning.

I confirm are false positives. Avg give the same warning in a just started sand box without any installation of the file.

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And I can confirm that this old version is also working normally. Also to state that for 2 open support tickets I now got the same response, issue with the new version of WD Dashboard is forwarded to appropriate engineering team and that I have to wait for a patched version. They don’t guarantee that the next version will contain the fix for this issue and they don’t have an eta for the fix.

This version from the link above is virus free at VirusTotal - passed at 64 different virus scanners.

There is a new version out,, to help with this issue.

I tested. Its ok