Dashboard does not detect external SSD

WD Blue NVME, exFAT format, connected to USB type C port via a Sabrent adapter. Dashboard does not detect it.
DLG detects it normally.

The dashboard is not promised to find every unit: ID11426.

Troubleshooting an SSD that is not detected by the WD SSD Dashboard

The WD SSD Dashboard only supports WD brand SSD products.

Please ensure the WD SSD and cables are connected properly. Click on the Rescan button of the Dashboard to scan the system for connected WD SSDs, or close and restart the WD SSD Dashboard program.

Well, it detects a Samsung micro-SD card connected via a Sandisk adapter, but not my WD Blue SSD connected via a Sabrent adapter to an USB port.
The SSD is seen by Windows disk mgmt, Explorer and WD DLG, not by WD Dashboard.