Dashboard Breakdown/Explanation of "OTHER"

I apologize if this is duplicated. I have looked through the 108 page manual. But I have a question. On the dashboard you have the Capacity applet. With that you see Videos, Pictures, Music, Other, Free Space. I understand all of that expect one, “OTHER”. What is it, and why is it growing? I only have roughly 250 GB on it. Showing other as 14GB. I only have Video Files (MP4, AVI, FLV) and music (MP3) stored on it. Thank you in advance.

Update: Ive backed up more of my video files and the Other is now up to 54GB. Thats a lot of space. Is there a way to see what is being tracked as other?

Update: I have been watching my backup. It appears that the WD My Cloud is not registering avi files as video files. As they copy over the Video size is not increasing, but the Other is. Has anyone else seen this and is there a way for this to be corrected so that all forms of video files are seen and tracked by the drive properly. Reason I am curious is that I am wondering if the DLNA server will see the avi files and make them available. If not I will have to convert them.

I think the the Other category is for file space used in backups. As such they will not be categorized as video, audio etc. because the files are raw file backups.


“Other” category should contain any files not categorized as video, photo or music. This may possibly include any media files that are not supported by the Twonky media server which is embedded into the My Cloud OS.

‘Other’ means ‘anything other than music, pictures or videos’ in a file format the MyCloud recognises.

So that will be text files, Office files, etc. or any media files it doesn’t understand.

And this list is nothing to do with the Twonky DLNA media server; it is maintained separately.